Lesson Calendar


Lesson Calendar

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Lesson calendar

Below you'll find the dates for the 2017-2018 school year's lesson weeks. Our Academy is arranged into three sessions called terms per calendar year. Each term is 14 weeks, including a recital week, so there are 42 weeks in our musical year.

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Fall term

September 11th ~ December 15th

No lessons Thanksgiving week

Tuesday December 5th 6:15pm            Catlin Gabel School Creative Arts Center

Wednesday December 6th 6:15pm        Catlin Gabel School Creative Arts Center

Saturday December 9th 11am          West Hills Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Oleson Road

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winter term

January 8th ~ April 13th

No lessons Spring break week March 26-30th (except at locations that use Passover week for their break)

Recitals between March 9-22nd 

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spring-summer term

April 16th ~ June 15th and through the summer...*

Recital Week June 1-15th

*After these 9 regular lesson weeks, students and teachers will flexibly schedule four additional summer lessons spread over the remaining 12 summer weeks. If you prefer more summer lessons, we can simply add more a la carte. If you are gone for the bulk of the summer, you can have two or three slightly longer lessons before and after your vacation. We find this keeps the students motivated to practice while still giving plenty of time for summer breaks.


Registration Forms

Registration Forms

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We can send you an online invoice or you can mail a check to pay for tuition. Thank you!