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ERic Phillips

Guitar, Ukulele, Early Piano, Music Theory, Composition and Sound. 


Mr. Phillips tends to gravitate towards a teaching style that emphasizes the whole musician — he incorporates lessons in music theory, composition, ear training, history, improvisation with an emphasis on self-expression. In addition to having a strong grounding in classical music and performance, Eric is interested in all styles of music and loves to help students find their own interests and develop their own unique voices. 

A composer, producer, guitarist and educator originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. Phillips is an alumnus of New York University with a Bachelors of Music in Theory and Composition. He has scored dozens of films and documentaries which have been accepted into prestigious film festivals such as Chicago International and Cannes.

Mr. Phillips works as an assistant to acclaimed composer Mark Orton (Nebraska, People, Places, Things, The Good Girl) and teaches a variety of topics including guitar, piano, composition, electronic music and rhythm and percussion.  He has just wrapped up his Debut EP for his recording project Kennebec. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.