Last month we enjoyed our first Parent's Night Out in the Pearl. Dr. Valdine Mishkin brought handouts with practice games & tips and gave an overview of the Suzuki Philosophy. Elizabeth Peyton discussed child development and specifically the strengthening of a family's communication skills through the medium of music lessons & practice partners. Dr. Miriam English Ward discussed the language we use with children and how to encourage your child's ability to learn.

Sip & Kranz gave us a lovely spread of hors d'oeuvres and our own separate room. The night was definitely a success, and we'd like to invite YOU to our November Parent's Night Out!

Our next Parent's Night Out is Saturday, November 14th from 5pm at Sip & Kranz in the Pearl. (One block South of Lovejoy on NW 10th.)

We'll discuss tips for helping your child enjoy & prepare for the upcoming recital week, innovative practice tips, trends in childhood development & education and the core thoughts behind the Suzuki Method. Sip & Kranz has a private room reserved just for us and provides a delicious spread of hors d'oeuvres. They also serve wine, microbrews and gourmet coffee. It's a great start to a fun night out for parents, or bring your kids and we'll provide some activities to help them entertain themselves while we chat.

Space is limited, so please submit payment through Paypal or by check to reserve your spot.

Single or Couple? (Kids are free!)

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Drop-ins will also be welcome dependent on space available.