There is so much going on with music and other performances this time of year. Be sure to take advantage of some of those opportunities for your kids. This is a great time to give them practice with the skills involved in sitting quiet and still during a performance because so many of the local professional ensembles have kid-focused offerings; they're expecting the audience to be "in training".

Our own students have been playing up a storm, giving three program recitals and playing one honors prelude at the symphony.

Thanks to all our teachers, students and their families!

Here is a beautiful group of young ladies warming up for our program at Mittleman Jewish Community Center. I love that the two on the left were our "Early Twinkler" group and they wore the same lovely dress without even planning it! What are the odds? I also love that this photo captures the relaxed & encouraging nature of our fabulous faculty member Elizabeth Doty. The student in front of her played one of her best ever performances just a little while after this picture was taken.