Email us for a counselor application if you are a responsible, active 12 to 18 year old interested in volunteering for the service hours and responsibilities described below. 
JULY 9-13th
AUGUST 6-10th 
with a meeting for preparation the Friday before each week

RCMA offers an outstanding camp for children ages 4-14 for two weeks (you are welcome to help with either or both weeks) on the beautiful campus of the Catlin Gabel School. Counselors help run the camp by assisting the students and faculty members throughout the week.

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Responsibilities & Opportunities for our Counselors
Our active counselors should be prepared to help students find their classes, keep track of their instruments and supplies, re-heat lunches and in general enjoy their day at camp. Students spend a portion of each day playing outdoors and counselors arrange fun games and team activities to best entertain their students.

They are responsible for knowing where their assigned campers are at all times, and for helping younger children to treat each other, their instruments, and the campus with respect. Counselors are expected to encourage campers in their musical interests and are invited to participate alongside campers in classes when possible.

Younger campers (ages 4-6) will need less intense times throughout the day and their counselors should help them find quiet activities especially in the afternoon.

Counselors will play a big role in helping direct the camp recital on Friday. They help students line up for their performances, move chairs and stands on stage, and assist any students who may be feeling shy. In past years, counselors have presented performances and skits in the relaxed time after the recital on Friday to the delight of both students and faculty members.

Benefits of Serving as a Camp Counselor
o   Exposure to & observation of professional faculty members teaching young music students, and the opportunity to participate whenever logistically possible. (Let us know if there is a class you would like to take in particular!)

o   A week on the beautiful Catlin Gabel campus with time to enjoy the many outdoor play spaces.

o   A written recommendation for each counselor including the number of volunteer service hours completed and a specific description of their contribution to our fine arts camp.

o   The satisfaction of assisting with and encouraging the development of younger music & art students.

We have been grateful to have several outstanding counselors return year after year to help with and learn from our camp. We would love to have you join us.