Here we are, rounding the bend toward fall already! This summer has already been pivotal for RCMA in several ways. We had two weeks of our largest camps ever, and they were also two of our most fun and encouraging weeks to date (see the previous post for some fun pictures and details). The other big accomplishment is that we have hired three fantastic new faculty members to replace teachers who after years with us are moving to Germany and California. The fall is really shaping up to be a great time for our students, and I’m looking forward to bringing together students and faculty in locations all over the Portland area.
Mahroo Hamedani, Piano & Keyboard
Lisbeth Dreier, Violin
Kyle Williams, Guitar

We have jusssst finished up re-packing all our camp supplies into bins, and the next task is to organize this crazy pile of instruments in my home teaching studio. Anybody want to rent a keyboard (please?!)?

Violins, Cello Chairs, Guitars- and after this picture we stacked our six keyboards in front!
We're gonna need a bigger boat.

We have revamped our registration form, and it should be much easier to download and print now. We are also always happy to attach one to an email for you- just let us know if you'd like more information.

Did you know we now have teachers available to teach in your home? I’m thrilled about this option and frankly plan to take advantage of it myself with my own two boys (how did we end up staring down the barrel of three different instruments and four lessons a week?). There is a $125 travel fee per 14-week term for this option.

With these new options and the success of the summer, I am really looking forward to building a musical community again this year!

I'd love to hear from students and friends: What musical fun did you have this summer?