This year we'll offer THREE weeks of summer camp on the beautiful campus of the Catlin Gabel School.

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Below are some answers to common questions about our camp:

How much experience do students need? None! We have beginner group classes in addition to groups for more advanced students. Class sizes are kept very small, so that each student has the experience of working in a group while receiving the individual attention necessary to achieve new things within the week.

What if we don't have an instrument? No problem! We have instruments to rent and will even provide some free of charge.

What is a typical day like at RCMA’s summer camp?
We have 6 class periods and a lunch hour spread from 9am to 4pm. When a student chooses a focus area, they will join a small group of students for their “lesson time” with the teacher. They’ll have 45 minutes of class time to explore their instrument with a few other students and will perform together in the recital on Friday for parents and friends.

Each student’s day will include their focus period, choir, and outdoor play. The remaining periods are filled with art and music classes covering rhythm, music history, composition, music theory, and more. With several opportunities for students of all levels to work and play freely together, both friendships and musical skills flourish.

What is the Intensive Chamber Camp like? 
Chamber campers enjoy working in a small group together, playing compositions in different groupings with multiple instructors throughout the day. Our campers often play classical, pop, fiddle and jazz styles with the guidance of professional musicians versed in those styles. The limited size of this camp fosters bonding among the campers and maximizes their musical development over the course of the week. More advanced students are encouraged to help their colleagues and are given music that is tailored to specifically challenge them. An assisted practice session is set aside each day, when the students are given specific input on how to work on the assigned pieces individually and in smaller groups.

Attention is given to technical development, reading skills, and the ability to play in ensembles. The Chamber Campers perform throughout the week for the summer camp students at lunchtime and they also play several pieces in the recital on Friday for parents and friends. We are impressed each year with how these students improve and what they accomplish in just one intensive week!