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Alex tomaino

Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass, Banjo

In his 20-year+ career as a guitarist, Alex Tomaino has played almost every type of music—jazz, blues, rock, funk, Latin, contemporary, classical, Americana/country, gypsy swing—with hundreds of noted musicians and bands, including the legendary Kenny Drew Jr., Twinkle, Harmonious Wail, and the Motet.

While guitar is his main instrument, Mr. Tomaino is also proficient on electric bass, ukulele, and banjo, and plays a number of other instruments, including trumpet, drums, and keyboards. He has a passion for improvisational performance and composition, especially in genre-blending electronic music. 

His teaching philosophy is to work closely with students on the music that personally excites them. Technique and theory are seamlessly woven into instruction with the goal of always keeping lessons fun, fresh, and interesting—the way music was meant to be.

Originally from New York, he holds a degree in Guitar Performance from UC Denver, and credits toward a Masters in Jazz Studies at UT Austin.