I’m thrilled to post about our summer camps this year, and to put up a few pictures of campers in their native environments. We had large numbers of kids and it was fun to see them form friendships with other students of varying ages. From the first day, when each kid was a little nervous, they began to work together in their classes and free times. By the end of the week the kids were plugged into several groups and moved freely between them through the day: some by age, some by instrument, some just by schedule, others by interests. Friendships formed around learning and expression are often that much sweeter, don’t you think?
Art Class: These gentlemen did finger knitting twice their own height!

Morning Break

Ms. Hamedani works with a camper.

Ms. Welsh teaching composition.

Instrument Making: Glockenspiels in the Sun

Outdoor Play on Catlin's gorgeous campus!

Each of the weeks ended with a recital and I can honestly say I was impressed with what they accomplished in such a short span of time. Our faculty struck a perfect balance of introducing enough content to inspire while rigorously teaching good habits and technique.
Young pianists perform in the Friday recital

From Advanced Chamber groups to Art and Instrument Making, the variety of activities through the day kept the kids engaged and excited.

Ms. Conrad coaches a chamber trio